Grundy County Commission holds follow-up meeting with NextEra Energy

Grundy County Missouri Courthouse

Three representatives of NextEra Energy met late Monday morning at the Courthouse in Trenton with the Grundy County Commission. The meeting was a follow-up to an initial meeting NextEra had with county commissioners on January 23rd.

Commissioners say they were informed the wind energy company will begin evaluations in the northeast part of Grundy County. Instruments will be positioned on a mobile trailer that can be moved to other locations of the county in an effort to monitor and evaluate wind directions and speeds. It’s part of what the company says will be multiple studies that will need to be done before any project could start. The company representatives pledged to keep in contact with Grundy County Commissioners.

NextEra Energy Resources promotes itself as the world’s largest operator of clean, renewable wind energy. Over the past decade, it reports their wind energy capacity has nearly tripled. The company operates one of the wind turbine farms in DeKalb County.