Grundy County Commission holds discussion on a variety of topics

Grundy County Courthouse Trenton Missouri

The Grundy County Commission discussed various topics with township representatives on Friday evening, February 12th. Included in the discussion was the upcoming ballot issue concerning brush removal from county right of way, road repair, and maintenance documentation.

Presiding Commissioner Phillip Ray reports requests for rock size and quantities will be used for acquiring bids from quarries. Townships were urged to notify the commission of culvert needs as early as possible, so they may be acquired in a timely manner.

Sunshine Law requests and processes were discussed as well as the Natural Resources Conservation Service Streambank Stabilization project. There was also an overview of state legislation regarding local government and infrastructure. Rules for Missouri townships and a packet with Missouri State statutes were distributed.

Second District Commissioner Brad Chumbley was introduced to the township representatives as commissioner-elect.

The Grundy County Commission will meet with the Grundy County Industrial Development Corporation at the courthouse in Trenton on the morning of February 16th at 9 o’clock.