Grundy County Commission awarded Next Generation 911 Grant

Grundy County Courthouse Trenton Missouri

It was announced at the Grundy County Commission meeting Tuesday, June 9th that Grundy County is a recipient of a fiscal year 2019 Next Generation 911 Grant. The grant application was submitted to the Missouri Department of Public Safety and Department of Homeland Security. It will be used to replace outdated 911 call handling equipment. The project total is about $144,400 ($144,366), and the grant is to cover 60% of the cost.

The Grundy County Road and Bridge Department is working on a culvert in Taylor Township. Presiding Commissioner Phillip Ray says the culvert is on a road on the county line with Harrison County.

The department will complete equipment maintenance and continue repairing Federal Emergency Management Agency damage sites. FEMA site inspections are ongoing to secure FEMA reimbursement.

Grundy County Ambulance Director Steve Tracy reported ambulance operations continue to maintain precautions. He described options available on cardiac monitors, vents, and other equipment used by emergency medical services and future needs related to COVID-19.

The health department sent a report to the commission due to Elizabeth Gibson being unavailable for a teleconference. The report said the health department is working with schools to plan for the upcoming school year.

The Grundy County CARES Act Task Force has been appointed to assist with funding applications and recommendations. Task force members include Doctor Lenny Klaver, Jeff Crowley, Glen Briggs, Elizabeth Gibson, and Chris Hoffman.