Grundy County Commission approves snow removal bid; participates in conference call regarding design of 911 system

Grundy County Courthouse Trenton Missouri

The Grundy County Commission on Tuesday, October 27th approved a bid for snow removal and Coronavirus Relief Fund allocations.

Chris and Danny Gott will provide snow removal services at the courthouse, prosecuting attorney’s office, and law enforcement center. The bid included $500 per occasion of snow removal and $125 when the ice melt application is solely needed. The county will provide ice melt, according to the agreement.

The commission tabled the approval of a snow removal bid last week until further details could be acquired from the two parties who submitted bids. Thane Denney also submitted a bid for $375 per snow removal and ice melt application and ice melt application only for $80.

Coronavirus Relief Fund allocations were approved for six entities. They included $12,269.26 for Grundy County R-5, $4,850.17 for Spickard R-2, $418.50 for Laredo R-7, $630 for North Central Missouri College, $32,666.18 for the Grundy County Council on Aging Senior Tax, and $6,364.50 for Grundy County.

The commission participated in a conference call with Harris Corporation regarding the design and build-out of a new 911 radio communications system. System and end-user queries, a proposed cost, and a timeline were addressed.

The bridge crew will trim brush around the Berry Bridge in the Meyers Township in conjunction with a Federal Emergency Management Agency disaster declaration regarding severe storms, tornadoes, and flooding last year. Repair estimates were submitted to the commission from the Howe Company totaling $228,000 for damages incurred in the 2019 flooding at the Berry Bridge.

The bridge crew will also replace 911 signage and install Purple Heart signage around Grundy County.

A legal notice was received from Prime Clerk addressed to the county. Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Presiding Commissioner Phillip Ray notes the company is a major distributor of opioids in the United States and a defendant in Grundy County’s opioid lawsuit filed earlier this year. A legal team, including the John Edgar Law Firm, has bankruptcy attorneys working on the case on behalf of the county. No action was required at this time by Grundy County.

The Grundy County Commission will set up election equipment on November 2nd in preparation for November 3rd’s General Election.