Grundy County Commission approves entering into contract with NCRS for engineering

Grundy County Courthouse Trenton Missouri

The Grundy County Commission approved March 23rd, on a vote of two to one, a motion involving the Natural Resources Conservation Service Streambank Stabilization near the Highway 6 Thompson River Bridge.

Commissioner Don Sager and Presiding Commissioner Phillip Ray voted in favor of the motion, which involved entering into a contract with NRCS, with the $45,000 engineering fee upfront from the Grundy County Industrial Development Corporation and a memorandum of understanding on who is responsible for overage fees. No Grundy County money will be used. Commissioner Brad Chumbley voted against the motion.

The NRCS estimates the project will cost $349,000. IDC representative Chris Hoffman said he believed the IDC could raise the $45,000 “pretty fast.” He noted partnerships could be created, and the county would not be charged for anything. The NRCS could fund 75% of the construction costs. The Missouri Department of Transportation has also committed to funding part of the project.

Chumbley said he assumed that if the City of Trenton got involved in the project, the money would probably be taken out of Trenton Municipal Utilities budget. He also assumed that the project would have to stay inside the city limits if the city got involved. A few community members in attendance said the money would not come from TMU, and they had not seen anything about having to stay inside the city limits. Hoffman commented the IDC would not go to the city for funding.

Hoffman said people are concerned. One concern was that the project is not starting far enough north. He noted $69,000 would be added if the project started further north.

Several community members shared concerns about how transportation would get to Trenton if the Highway 6 bridge near the Thompson River could not be used. Ray noted there could be an increased transportation cost on rock if Highway 6 could not be used and a longer route had to be used.