Grundy County Commission approves COVID-19 relief funds; receive four proposals for 911 radio design

Grundy County Courthouse Trenton Missouri

The Grundy County Commission approved COVID-19 Relief Fund allocations for five entities on November 17th.

Laredo R-7 was approved for $5,641 and the health department for $46,372.03 both for payroll for public health and safety employees, Pleasant View R-6 for $5,201.05 for distance learning and disinfecting supplies, the Grundy County Senior Tax Board for $3,343.76 for air purifiers, and the Families and Friends of the Developmentally Disabled for $4,859.04 for personal protective equipment and disinfecting supplies.

Grundy County Health Department Administrator Elizabeth Gibson discussed the reporting process involving COVID-19 test results and guidance released last week by the state. The local public health agency memorandum of understanding was reviewed. The agreement would allow 15% of the total county Coronavirus Relief Fund allocation and place the liability of the funding allocation on the local public health agency. Gibson reported there is a need for funds exceeding the 15% mark due to the elevated costs related to COVID-19. No action was taken on the memorandum of understanding.

John Hickman with HIC Insurance reviewed the health insurance plan for 2020 and issued a statement of savings of $144,382.99. The savings are a result of the allocation of funds versus funds utilized for health insurance services.  A level renewal will take place in 2021, which equates to no premium increase for health insurance provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City and the Freedom Claims Network. Additional benefits are being explored while retaining no cost increase for the employer or employees. Insurance options for employees older than 65 were presented. Information will be available for employees who have an interest in pursuing “over 65” benefits through the county.

Four firms submitted proposals for the 911 radio design. They were from Tusa for $27,000, Trott for $59,380, Mazzitello Professional Services MPS LLC for $44,000, and Command 1 LLC for $4,410. The proposals were tabled to provide time to research and examine them.

The third quarter reimbursement from the Missouri Emergency Management Agency totaled $315. The money will primarily be used for salary reimbursement for emergency management.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency requested an engineering estimate on the Berry Bridge project in Meyers Township. Shannon Howe with the Howe Company submitted a report on the repair of flood damage, and the project estimate totaled $228,000. FEMA officials are concerned the Howe Company estimate is higher than FEMA estimates. An estimate from a second independent engineering firm will be submitted to FEMA as well.