Grundy County Commission accepts bids

Grundy County Missouri Courthouse

The Grundy County Commission accepted bids Tuesday morning for CART rock and lawn mowing.

The commission accepted Norris Quarries’s bid for CART rock to be used for township and Road and Bridge needs. The bid is for three-fourths to three-inch rock at $11.50, rip rap at $11.15, and number two blanket at $14.40. It was the only bid for CART rock.

The commission also accepted K and J Mowing’s bid. That bid states each mowing for the courthouse lawn will cost $40, the courthouse annex as well as the law enforcement center $20 each, the Road and Bridge lot $60, Bethel Cemetery $90, Wynne Cemetery $35, and Sires Cemetery $30. The total for one mowing for all of the lawns is $295.

Other bids submitted for lawn mowing included those from Down to Earth Lawn Care, Spencer Construction, and Dustin Etter.