Grundy County Commission accepts bid for work on streambank stabilization project

Grundy County Commission Sign

The Grundy County Commission September 28, 2021, accepted a base bid and two add alternates from Binder Irrigation of Table Rock, Nebraska for work on the streambank stabilization project near the Thompson River Bridge on Highway 6.

The total cost is $616,944.40. It was previously reported the base bid is $575,030.40, add alternate one is $26,800, and add alternate two is $15,114. Binder’s bid was the lowest of three submitted and opened on August 3.

It was also previously reported base bid work includes bringing rock to the project, piling the rock, and excavating. Add alternate one involves sloping the channel banks back to stabilize the slope. Add alternate two involves cover soil and grading with turf mat to be more resistant to erosion.

The project will be funded by about $435,000 from the Natural Resources Conservation Service and $120,980 from the Missouri Department of Transportation. It is also being funded by the Grundy County Industrial Development Corporation. Jackie Soptic with the IDC reports the IDC has paid $45,000 for engineering design and about $2,800 for a cultural resource assessment. The IDC is also responsible for overruns if they occur.

Presiding Commissioner Phillip Ray said Shannon Howe with the Howe Company told the commission that Binder Irrigation did not want to string out the project. The company wants to get started soon.

It was announced the Grundy County Road and Bridge crew is installing culverts in Myers Township. Three of the culverts are new, and one will be reset.

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