Grundy County Commission accepting bids for rock, concrete and lawn mowing

Envelope with Bid printed on paper

The Grundy County Commission is seeking bids for CART rock, concrete, and lawn mowing.

The CART rock will be used for township and Road and Bridge Department needs.

About 100 to 120 cubic yards of concrete will be delivered to bridge construction sites in Grundy County in 2021. Bids are to be for eight bag and six bag mix. Materials are to be supplied through April 1st, 2022.

Lawn mowing will be done at the courthouse, courthouse annex, and law enforcement center. It will also be done at the Bethel, Sires, and Wynne cemeteries and the Road and Bridge lot. Bids must state the cost per mowing per location and equipment used. A successful bidder must supply the county with proof of liability insurance. Envelopes should be marked “Mow Bid.”

All bids will be accepted in the Grundy County Clerk’s Office in the courthouse in Trenton until March 23rd, at which time they will be opened and publicly read. The CART rock bids will be accepted until 9 o’clock that morning, the concrete bids until 9:30, and the mowing bids until 10 o’clock.

Contact the Grundy County Clerk for more information at 660-359-4040 extension 4.