Grundy County Clerk reports on write-in candidates for Tuesday’s election

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Write-in results have been released for Grundy County following April 5th’s election.

Information provided by the Grundy County Clerk’s Office shows four individuals received write-in votes for the two Spickard Alderman At Large positions. Tanja Younger received two votes. Mike Yates, J. R. Roberts, and Mike Jaycox each received one vote.

Six people each received one write-in vote for the two Spickard R-2 Board of Education positions. Those receiving a vote were Roger Bonnett, Sara Wyatt, Alan Tharp, Jamie Tharp, Nancy Anderson, and Anna Bass.

For Wilson Township, six individuals received write-in votes for the trustee position. Matt Foster and Jason Meeker each received two votes. Ron Owens, Casey Bowe, Jeff Smith, and Vernon Sawyer each received one vote. Six individuals received write-ins for Wilson Township Board member. Matt Foster received two votes. Stan Dudley, Casey Bowe, Mark Urich, Kayla Smith, and Joan Meeker each had one vote. For the Wilson Township clerk position, Russ Thompson and Brad Wilford each got one write-in vote.

The Grundy County Clerk’s Office reports results will be sent to the Spickard Board of Aldermen, Spickard School Board, and Wilson Township. The respective entities will ask those who received write-in votes if they will accept the positions. The entities will start with the people who had the highest vote totals first, if applicable.

In Mercer County, Kurt Meighen was re-elected as the Princeton Mayor in the April 5th election. Mercer County Clerk Judy Hamilton reports Meighen received 56 write-in votes with his name spelled correctly.

Elected for the Princeton City Council were Tony Johnson for the North Ward and Karee Cunningham for the South Ward. They were incumbents, and both were unopposed.

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