Grundy County Circuit Court news for Thursday, August 13, 2020

Court News

A Kansas City man received a pair of prison sentences then was placed on probation Thursday after pleading guilty in June to felony stealing charges.

In Division One of the Grundy County Circuit Court, Bevan James Bohm was sentenced to seven years with the Department of Corrections for stealing of a motor vehicle and seven years for stealing valued at $750 or more. The terms were to be concurrent. Execution of the sentence was suspended and Bohm was placed on five years probation. He’s to apply to the Buchanan County treatment court and if accepted, complete their program. Bohm also was ordered to pay restitution of $1,235.

Spickard resident Sara K. Sparks had pleaded guilty in April to a felony charge for non-support of a minor. During a hearing Thursday, the imposition of a sentence was suspended and Sparks was placed on five years probation. Special conditions include paying money from a trust each year and $75 monthly toward child support.

Probation violation hearings also were held in circuit court, among them, Joanna Kay Gard-Murphy of Gilman City admitted to a violation. Judge Thomas Alley requested court-ordered detention sanctions with the Department of Corrections. Her original charge in 2019 was the possession of a controlled substance.

Trenton resident Misty Miller-Smith admitted to a probation violation with the court setting October 15th for disposition. Her original charges involved drugs.

Admitting to a probation violation was Ayrik Armand Redden of Trenton. His original charges involved the delivery of controlled substances. Probation was continued with an added condition for Redden to report monthly to probation and parole officers.

Trenton resident Nathan Wayne Hinkle admitted to a violation of probation stemming from original stealing charges. Probation was continued with added conditions that including Hinkle making monthly payments of at least $50.

James Irving Lewellen of Trenton admitted to a probation violation with the case reset to October 15th for disposition. Also continued to that date was Lewellen’s latest charge of felony driving while revoked or suspended.