Groundbreaking to take place December 7 for new hangar at Chillicothe

Life Flight

A groundbreaking ceremony is scheduled Wednesday morning December 7 at the Chillicothe airport.

The event recognizes the beginning of a project to construct a new hangar, including living quarters, for the Life Flight Medical Helicopter Service. 

Expected to participate are City of Chillicothe Mayor and City Council members as well as the Burman construction company and Lifeflight Eagle representatives.  The city and Lifeflight Eagle will then host what’s called a “celebration luncheon meeting and welcome.” in the event hall of the Fast Lanes Bowling Center at 12 noon on Wednesday. 

Community members who wish to join in the event are required to RSVP to Chillicothe City Hall at 646-2424 in care of Tammy Midgyett, or email to no later than Tuesday at 3 pm.

Lifeflight Eagle more than a year ago had announced its intentions to move its base from the airport in Trenton to the airport east of Chillicothe. 

Recently, Mayor Chuck Haney was called upon to break a tie vote among Chillicothe city council members in the awarding of a bid of one point one million dollars to construct the new hangar for LifeFlight Eagle. 

According to the city of Chillicothe (website), construction of the hangar will be paid for through the city’s capital improvement fund. Interfund loans will be used and paid back with an interest rate of 2 percent, according to City Administrator Ike Holland.

As noted in the city of Chillicothe agreement with LifeFlight Eagle finalized in May.

A 15-year lease begins with base rent at $2,500 per month for the first 60 months.  Rent will be $2,750 per month for the second 60 month period, $3,025 for the final 60 months of the initial term of the lease. Optional lease extensions will be available in five-year increments.

The building is to consist of a one-story structure and include an office, living space, and the hangar area to house the medical helicopter.