GRM Networks in Princeton receives USDA grant of $41.6 million dollars through ReConnect Program

Tim Arbeiter, J Eggleston, Richard Fordyce, Jeff Case, Ron Hinds, Gregg Davis
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GRM Networks of Princeton recently received a $41.6 million grant/loan from the United States Department of Agriculture’s ReConnect Program helping GRM Networks fulfill its commitment to bring fiber-optic connectivity to northern Missouri and southern Iowa. USDA Farm Service Agency Administrator Richard Fordyce awarded the grant/loan to GRM at a reception held at the David Callaway farm near Bethany, Mo. Fordyce, of Washington, D.C., is a Bethany native and farmer growing soybeans, corn and beef cattle on his family farm.

“GRM Networks is thrilled to be the recipient of this USDA grant/loan,” said Ron Hinds, CEO of GRM Networks. “The awarding of these funds helps GRM Networks fulfill our commitment of bringing Fiber to the Premise to our customers. Funds from this grant/loan will be used to support FTTP construction to eight exchanges in northern Missouri and southern Iowa, providing access to services and information for enhancements in agriculture, education, health care, and economic development,” said Hinds.

The Missouri exchanges of Gilman City, Sheridan, Ridgeway, Cainsville, rural Princeton and rural Bethany, and the exchanges of Blockton and Grand River in Iowa will all benefit from the grant/loan through the installation of a broadband network capable of symmetrical transmission rates of up to 1 gigabit per second. This benefits 2,288 locations including homes, farms, and businesses.

“The USDA’s ReConnect program partners with telecommunications providers such as GRM Networks to bring rural areas an improved quality of life through access to Internet-based services by way of fiber optic cable,” said Hinds. “Access to technology is important to everyone. This grant/loan enables GRM to provide connectivity and innovative technological services in our rural areas.”

GRM Networks® is a member-owned cooperative that provides communication services to customers located within a 4,500 square mile radius that covers 44 exchanges in northern Missouri and southern Iowa. GRM Networks is dedicated to delivering reliable, advanced communications technology while providing an exceptional customer experience. GRM Networks is committed to promoting and investing in its local communities. LTC Networks® and SCC Networks® are subsidiaries of GRM Networks.


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