GRM Networks brings “Smart Rural Community” designation to northern Missouri and southern Iowa

GRM Networks

GRM Networks has been certified a Smart Rural Community by the NTCA – The Rural Broadband Association. Smart Rural Community is a national program that promotes rural broadband and its role in supporting innovative economic development, access to education, state-of-the-art health care, and other important issues for rural America.

To qualify as a Smart Rural Community provider, GRM Networks was required to demonstrate high-capacity broadband capabilities as well as community subscription to its services. More importantly, the program requires local communications providers, like GRM Networks, to work actively with other local leaders to develop broadband-based solutions to improve local conditions.

Recent changes in work, school, and healthcare have increased the demand for reliable broadband service. With schools utilizing distance learning and many companies asking employees to telework, demand for high-capacity internet access has increased significantly. GRM Networks has played a key role in providing broadband-enabled solutions for northern Missouri and southern Iowa residents, businesses, and schools.

As a member of NTCA, GRM Networks has affirmed its commitment to its local community by subscribing to the Smart Rural Community program.