GRM Networks announces youth tour and scholarship winners

GRM Networks has selected Kennedy Buckingham from Decatur, IA and Nicholas Bishop from Leon, IA to participate in the 2017 Foundation for Rural Service Youth Tour of Washington, D.C.

Kennedy Buckingham, the daughter of Jamie and Travis Miller of Decatur, IA, attends Central Decatur Junior – Senior High School. Nicholas Bishop, the son of Ray Bishop and Valerie Bishop of Leon, IA, also attends Central Decatur Junior – Senior High School.

The Youth Tour is coordinated annually by the FRS, an affiliate of NTCA-The Rural Broadband Association. The mission of FRS is to inform and educate the public on the rural telecommunications industry and to improve the quality of life in rural areas. Over one hundred high school juniors from across the country will get a firsthand look at the legislative process and the federal agencies that regulate telecommunications. The tour, June 3rd – 7th, will include visits to the U.S. Capitol, Arlington National Cemetery, Mount Vernon, the Smithsonian Institution and other points of interest.

GRM Networks has also selected 6 area students to receive $5,500 in scholarship monies through the GRM Networks Scholarship Program.

The selected students are  Katerina Black from Gilman City, MO will receive $1,500  Rylie Stover from Chula, MO will receive $1,000  Adeline Frank from Davis City, IA will receive $1,000  Kylie Lamp from Princeton, MO will receive $750 Cadan Farnon from Stanberry, MO will receive $750  Joclyn Bower from Grand River, IA will receive $500.

GRM Networks started the scholarship program in 2016 to support high school seniors with a goal of attending college. All awardees will receive their monies after their first college semester, and upon proof of maintaining a 2.0-grade point average.