Greitens’ attorney says newspaper publisher sent $50,000 to lawyer of ex-husband in felony case against governor

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Attorneys for Gov. Eric Greitens say the publisher of a political newspaper sent a large cash payment to a lawyer representing the ex-husband of Greitens’ mistress.



KMOV-TV reports Maria Jeffrey, an attorney for Greitens said Missouri Times publisher Scott Faughn sent one of two $50,000 payments sent to the law firm of Al Watkins. In a statement, Jeffrey referred to Faughn as, “a member of the media who has extensive ties to the Governor’s political opponents.”

The Missouri Times covers the state legislature in Jefferson City. KMOV reports that according to Watkins’ testimony, a second $50,000 payment was delivered to him by a courier he only knew as Skylar. Watkins originally claimed he did not know the source of the payments and said he reported them to the FBI. Faughn responded to claims he paid Watkins $50,000 through Twitter and Periscope yesterday evening, saying he retained Watkins is an attorney for a book he is writing about Greitens.

A Missouri special House committee investigating Greitens is reportedly going to issue a subpoena for Faughn to appear before it. The committee is looking into Greitens’ 2015 relationship with the mistress that has led to a felony invasion of privacy charge against him.