Green Hills Women’s Shelter works with women, children and families

Green Hills Womens Shelter

A family advocate with the Green Hills Women’s Shelter of Trenton works with children and families affected by domestic violence.

Advocate Jenna Johnson says the family advocate specifically works with individuals who are high risk and high need based on the trauma the children went through and the life experiences of a parent.

Each person who receives shelter services is given a questionnaire with a scoring guide to offer intensive services to individuals who might be dealing with unwanted behaviors from their children. Johnson notes children sometimes mimic behaviors they see from the abuser and take on the abuser role once the survivor has left the abusive situation.

The family advocate also works with children and families on this type of situation by working with behavior modifications as well as bedtime and morning routines. Anyone seeking services from the Green Hills Women’s Shelter will not be made public in any way. Clients do not need to stay in the shelter to receive services.