Green Hills Region’s unemployment data for September shows positive shift

Unemployment rate

Grundy County’s unemployment rate for September experienced a decline, dropping nearly one percentage point from the previous month. According to data provided by the state, Grundy County reported 104 individuals claiming unemployment from a labor force of 4,057, which equates to an unemployment rate of 2.6 percent. In contrast, the county’s unemployment rate was recorded at 3.5 percent in August. For comparison, the unemployment rate in September 2022 stood at 2.2 percent.

Other area counties reported the following unemployment rates for September:

  • Worth County: 1.8 percent
  • Gentry County: 1.9 percent
  • Adair County: 3 percent
  • Linn County: 3.5 percent

The majority of the surrounding counties have unemployment rates hovering between 2 and 3 percent. A detailed breakdown includes:

  • Mercer, Daviess, and Carroll: 2.1 percent
  • Livingston: 2.2 percent
  • Clinton: 2.3 percent
  • Harrison and Chariton: 2.4 percent
  • Putnam, Caldwell, and DeKalb: 2.5 percent
  • Sullivan County: 2.8 percent

On a state level, Missouri reported a not seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate of 2.6 percent for September, showing a decline from the 3.4 percent recorded in August.