Green Hills Medical Clinic doctors and staff to move to Wright Memorial Physicians Group

Wright Memorial Hospital

Green Hills Medical Clinic Doctor Jennifer Bowe, Nurse Practitioner Sydney Arnold, and staff will move to Wright Memorial Physicians’ Group in Trenton next month.  They will begin seeing patients at the Physicians’ Group October 2 and Bowe says she and her staff will still provide the highest level of care to patients.

Bowe is originally from Trenton, served as Wright Memorial Hospital’s Chief of Staff in 2016, and has practiced medicine in the community for 13 years. She specializes in family medicine and provides a variety of health and wellness services to individuals of all ages, including labs, imaging, rehabilitation, and specialist appointments.  Arnold is originally from Princeton and has practiced medicine for six years. Bowe and Arnold will also offer on-site immunizations for patients.

Patients needing to schedule an appointment should continue to call the Green Hills Medical Clinic at 660-359-3939 through September 27th.  After September 27th, patients should call the Wright Memorial Physicians’ Group at 660-358-5750.

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