Grand River Multi-Purpose Center to host open house

Grand River Multipurpose Center
The Grand River Multi-Purpose Center is hosting an open house at 12:00 noon on Friday, January 20th at the Center, 607 West Business Highway 36 in the former Aldi building to kick off their fund drive with a $400,000 goal to purchase the building, make improvements in the parking lot and establish an emergency fund to cover unexpected expenses.  The Center is a 501c3 nonprofit so any contributions are income tax exempt.
The Center has purchased the building from former owner Bill Mast who has agreed to carry the loan for twenty years at 4% which can be paid off early with no penalty.  The money received in the fund drive will enable pay off of the loan quickly and result in a large saving in interest cost as well as make needed improvements now rather than later.
Since moving to the current location they have more than doubled their meal service numbers and during 2015-16 served over 40,000 meals averaging 163 per day.  We served 22,207 meals at the center and 18,555 with home delivery.  In addition, they were able to greatly increase health, wellness, and life enrichment services to our 60 and older population.  This enables clients to stay active and maintain their independent living.   One goal this year is to increase the client base in Livingston County outside Chillicothe by enlarging the home delivery program in the county.
The program will include representatives of Chillicothe and Livingston County as well as building committee members who will further explain the drive and answer any questions you may have.  Following the program, Director Cindy Ireland will conduct a tour of the facility to anyone who would like to know more about the program.  
Everyone is welcome to attend.  If you would like to sample the food our regular lunch service begins at 11:30.  Cost is $4.00 for individuals over 60 and $6.65 for those younger.  If you would like to eat you need to make a reservation as we can only prepare 150 meals.  Please call 646-1555 by 4:00 PM on Thursday the 19th to make a reservation.