Governor Parson to be in Milan to sign resolution regarding East Locust Creek Reservoir

Governor Mike Parson

Thursday’s visit to Milan by Governor Parson is to sign a House-Senate resolution that enables the state to join in a debt service arrangement supporting the construction of the East Locust Creek Reservoir. That’s the large lake proposed north of Milan to serve as a regional water supply and offer recreational opportunities.

The resolution enables the state of Missouri to join with the North Central Missouri Regional Water Commission to service debt on a loan that will fund the local matching share to the USDA money to help complete the reservoir project.

According to a news release from the regional water commission office in Milan, Governor Parson has directed millions of dollars into the multi-purpose water resources program to match federal funds provided by the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service.

The regional water commission reports politicians expected to join Governor Parson Thursday afternoon at the Milan Community Center are 12th District State Senator Dan Hegeman, 3rd District State Representative Danny Busick, and 8th District State Representative Randy Railsback. The commission says 7th District State Representative Rusty Black has indicated he has a conflict and cannot attend the Milan bill signing ceremony. Each of the elected officials was praised by regional water commission leaders for their support in advancing the East Locust Creek Reservoir project in Sullivan County.