Governor Parson signs four Bills into law today

Parson signing new legislation

Missouri’s Governor has signed a bill that could allow robots to deliver goods to your doorstep in Missouri. Another bill he signed will allow Missouri pharmacists to dispense HIV post-exposure drugs without a prescription. Parson has also signed legislation that allows car dealers to boost vehicle prices by as much as 300-dollars to pay for current administrative fees. The additional funding will be used to help pay for replacing the Missouri Department of Revenue’s outdated vehicle database used to title and renew drivers’ licenses and registrations.

SB 6 – Relating to Insurance:

Modifies statutory provisions regarding insurance, including making association health plans more accessible, clarifying protections and responsibilities of insurers and consumers in group policies, and ensuring continued National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) accreditation and best-practice standards in Missouri related to reinsurance.

For more information on SB 6, click here.

SB 176 – Emerging Technologies:

Creates statutory definitions and operational frameworks for food delivery platforms (FDP) and personal delivery devices (PDDs) in Missouri. 

For more information on SB 176, click here.

HB 476 – Professional Licensure:

Allows members of the military or veterans to use their military experience or training towards a relevant occupational license. This legislation also enacts the Occupational Therapy Licensure Compact and modifies other provisions related to professional licensure. 

For more information on HB 476, click here.

HB 273 – Professional Licensure:

Adopts several of the same provisions relating to professional licensure as HB 476, updates the Uniform Athlete Agents Act and clarifies that the sole act of shampooing does not require state licensure.

For more information on HB 273, click here.

(Photo courtesy Governor’s office)