Governor Parson grants 15 pardons during the month of November

Pardon Granted news graphic

For the month of November 2022, Governor Mike Parson granted 15 pardons pursuant to Article IV, Section 7 of the Constitution of the State of Missouri. Official documents have been filed with the appropriate government agencies and have been sent to the individuals.


  1. Robert Goforth
  2. Lindsey Currier
  3. Larry Benham
  4. Bobby Jones
  5. Karena Sheets
  6. Randy Vanderwerf
  7. Matthew Hoffman
  8. Tim Jacquin
  9. John Sanchez
  10. Ray Rothman
  11. Curtis Petrie
  12. Raymond Kampwerth
  13. Kenny Gumpolen
  14. Mary Holifield-Arredondo
  15. Amanda Poarch