Governor Mike Parson signs five bills into law at State Capitol

Governor Parson signs a bill into law at his desk
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Governor Mike Parson signed five bills into law during a bill signing at the State Capitol. The legislation includes House Bill (HB) 1912, Senate Bill (SB) 872, HB 2134/1956, HB 2062, and SB 895.

“We thank Missouri legislators and the bill sponsors for getting each of these quality pieces of legislation to my desk,” Governor Parson said. “Together, these bills represent our efforts to ensure a cleaner environment, a simpler and fairer tax code, and, above all, our commitment to standing with Missourians in safeguarding their personal property rights against squatters and those who aim to take what others have worked hard to achieve.”

The five bills Governor Parson signed into law are as follows:

HB 1912 – Taxation of Pass-Through Entities

  • Clarifies how S-corporation resident income tax credits are determined and applied.
  • Clarifies processes and provides definition changes for the SALT Parity Act.

SB 872 – Taxation of Utility Infrastructure

  • Extends the Small Wireless Facility Development Act.
  • Provides an income tax deduction for federal broadband grants.
  • Provides a sales tax exemption for electricity production, extending current exemptions to cooperatives and smaller companies.

HB 2134/1956 – Water Pollution

  • Corrects existing loopholes in state law regarding the application of certain industrial waste byproducts on agricultural land by changing facility definitions.
  • Expands regulations on industrial waste storage.
  • Establishes a Nutrient Management Technical Standard.
  • Requires annual sampling.

HB 2062 – Use of Real Property

  • Establishes the Protecting Missouri’s Small Businesses Act.
  • Strengthens the rights of personal property owners against squatters.
  • Restricts Homeowner Associations from prohibiting backyard chicken flocks.
  • Prohibits local government from requiring churches and nonprofits to install electric vehicle charging stations.

SB 895 – Landlord-Tenant Actions

  • Provides that no county, municipality, or political subdivision shall impose or enforce a moratorium on eviction proceedings unless specifically authorized by federal or state law.

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