Governor Mike Parson grants 17 pardons and commutes 1 sentence

Pardon Granted news graphic

Governor Mike Parson granted 17 pardons and approved one commutation pursuant to Article IV, Section 7 of the Constitution of the State of Missouri.

Official documents have been filed with the appropriate government agencies and are being sent to the individuals.


  1. Rachel Kozma

  2. Timothy Johns

  3. Todd Hull

  4. Michael Crane

  5. Brittany Pickle

  6. David Werner

  7. Geoffrey Norsic

  8. Charles Lanier

  9. Sarah Van Winkle-Sankey

  10. Nancy Milner-Umfleet

  11. Michelle Kinnard

  12. Thomas Tobin

  13. David Williams

  14. Alice Thomas

  15. Bradley Clevenger

  16. William Risher

  17. Robert McCurdy


1) Dawn Huston

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