Governor honors Missouri teams with productivity and quality awards

Missouri Governor Mike Parson (Photo courtesy Missouri Governor's office)
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Gov. Mike Parson and the Office of Administration recognized three state teams with the 2023 Governor’s Award for Quality and Productivity. The award acknowledges accomplishments that serve as an example of continuous productivity, quality, efficiency, and improvement in the State of Missouri.

The three teams were honored on June 12, 2024, during a ceremony held in the Missouri Capitol’s First Floor Rotunda.

“I want to applaud all of the dedicated teams today who worked tirelessly this past year on their projects to improve the lives of all Missourians as well as visitors to our great state,” said Governor Mike Parson. “This is why many in our state workforce are called into public service. It is thanks to their hard work and commitment that these projects were able to become a reality. The awarded projects today will help keep our people safe and our state moving forward.”

 Each nomination must meet specific criteria related to effectiveness, responsiveness, and efficiency, which would serve as a model of excellence for other teams across Missouri state government. The 2023 GAQP recipients include:

Customer Service Category

Call Center Transformation with Genesys Cloud Platform

The Office of Administration ITSD Network set out to transform call centers across Missouri because citizens needed a better experience when contacting the state, and the state needed an improved way to manage call centers across agencies. ITSD recommended the Genesys Cloud System and the GITGC approved the recommendation in early 2020. This project has proven to be exceptional as it offers agencies the ability to positively impact stakeholders and holds to the Office of Administration’s vision statement of “Excellent customer service, every time.”

The scope of this project was profound, covering 12 executive agencies, SOS, STO, and OSCA. Citizens now have omni-channel access, and DSS FSD implemented a first-of-its-kind integrated scheduler, allowing clients to schedule appointments without having to wait for an agent. Additionally, multiple agencies have implemented a call-back feature, allowing citizens to ask for a callback at their convenience. This has saved the state nearly $1 million annually in storage fees.

The team reviewed multiple processes and streamlined the 92 legacy call centers into 33 more efficient call centers. Additionally, based on the successes achieved, two brand new call centers have been created. Team members participated in hundreds of hours of calls and meetings with the Genesys team and agency staff during the project, in addition to their regular responsibilities included sustaining existing platforms servicing 49,000+ employees. The OA-ITSD team spearheaded the migration of this platform to a higher level of service for our citizens. They were greatly supported by colleagues from DOLIR, DOR, and DSS, whose contributions were invaluable.

The Genesys Cloud platform is the State of Missouri’s first enterprise cloud journey and was a great success. The state is now considered a leader in call center transformation and other states are reaching out to model Missouri’s leadership in customer service and innovation. The ITSD team continues to work with various agencies and Genesys to lead the way for exciting new initiatives and continued successes.

Innovation Category

Algoa Correctional Center Honor Dorm Team

The team at Algoa Correctional Center in Jefferson City, Missouri, has taken the concept of prison honor dorms to a new level. The ACC team set out to develop a multifaceted incentive-based housing program that challenges residents not only to engage in pro-social behaviors but also to take responsibility for themselves, their home, and their communities — inside and outside prison walls.

To incentivize a higher quality of living, the ACC team created within their 1915-built complex a remodeled housing unit boasting a lounge, a library and study room, a private recreation yard, appliances, house plants, and even a house dog named Honor.

The standards to live in this space are high. Program applicants must demonstrate good conduct; a job assignment or education enrollment; completion or facilitation of a programmatic class; participation in restorative-justice community-service activities; and staff recommendations arising from a rigorous screening process.

The rewards are equally high. In addition to inhabiting a welcoming space, Honor Program members get perks such as first call to meals, dibs on premium jobs, and freedom to regulate their own schedules. They also enjoy special family day visits where loved ones enter the secure perimeter and spend time with residents in the yard or the gym. There, families have picnics, play sports, share meals, and build stronger connections.

The elevated honor dorm concept has affected every facet of life at ACC. The rate of conduct violations has plummeted facility wide as residents modify their behavior to achieve honor status. Staffing patterns have been streamlined, as the reduced need for employees in honor units enables administrators to concentrate staff where they are most needed. Morale has improved for everyone, as a culture of responsibility and respect permeates day-to-day life. Residents released from ACC reenter society better equipped for success. You can learn more about this program at this link.

Efficiency/Process Improvement Category

Fulton State Hospital’s Improving Medications Process Efficiency

 Fulton State Hospital is Missouri’s only high-security forensic psychiatric hospital.  It consists of 449 beds and treats some of the most dangerous and mentally ill citizens. Providing high-quality care to these potentially difficult patients can result in complicated medication regimens, tailored for each patient. To improve the medication administration processes, project team members used the Department of Mental Health’s (DMH) Robust Process Improvement methodologies to identify issues, design solutions, measure improvements, and provide change management to ensure changes remained effective.

 Through workplace observations (Gemba walks), the project team uncovered challenges faced by frontline caregivers. Following a thorough analysis, exploration of potential solutions, and in-depth discussions with experts, they identified a technology that could significantly improve current processes. This technology would streamline workflows by eliminating unnecessary steps and effectively addressing multiple pain points.

In collaboration with change leaders, the project team designed, tested, and refined new workflows enabled by innovative technologies: the Parata A TP2 automated pouch packager and the InspectRx imager.  This powerful duo transformed medication packaging for the pharmacy, enabling them to dispense medications quickly, accurately, and tailored to each patient. Single, user-friendly pouches consolidate medications, minimizing packaging waste and storage needs while also reducing the burden of medication opening for nurses. Even more significantly, this technology eliminated the need for nurses to make multiple medication passes, freeing up valuable time for crucial patient interactions and staff collaboration, replacing manual tasks with therapeutic engagement. The compact and organized pouch system further simplified medication administration for patients.

 The project yielded additional benefits, including improved medication auditability and traceability, reduced infection control risks, cost savings through bulk purchasing, and the integration of Certified Medication Technicians into the staff. Due to these successes, other DMH facilities have adopted this technology to simplify and standardize their medication processes.

For a complete description of each award and to learn more about the Governor’s Award for Quality and Productivity, visit this link.

Since 1988, this award program has recognized service and excellence, encouraged and rewarded innovation, and reinforced pride in service to the Missouri state government. The GAQP program is administered by the Office of Administration, Division of Personnel.

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