Gilman City Board of Education adopts deficit budget

Gilman City School

Gilman City’s Board of Education has adopted a budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1st.

Information from Superintendent Roger Alley shows it’s a deficit budget for the one year period. Revenues are some $58,200 less than expenditures. Revenues are listed as more than one million, $746,000 with expenses projected at $1,805,000.

The local salary schedule for beginning teachers was set at $29,000. Board members also approved the school-paid, career ladder incentive for the 2020-21 year.

Also receiving approval was the federal programs expenditure report and participation in the upcoming academic year; the professional development staff evaluation and summary of planned professional development days; and handbooks.  A report was given on pre-school for the next year as well as summer cleaning.

Projected Gilman City student enrollment for 2020-21 is approximately 160 which includes 13 in the kindergarten class. Last August, the school year began with 144.

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