Gilman City Board of Education accepts resignations, offers contracts and amends policy regarding retirement

Gilman City School
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Personnel actions announced by the Gilman City R-4 School District include resignations from high school physical education teacher Adam Clark and high school and elementary art Ryleigh Hightree.

Non-tenured staff offered contracts for next year at Gilman City were Troy Malone, Melody Prescott, Kaitlyn Eoff, Keely Waddle, Hailey Francis, and Cheryl Witten.

Offered contracts to teachers up for tenure were Angela Wagner and Rebecca Taggart. Tenured teachers to be offered contracts are Stan Tibbles, Dan Chalfant, Kerri Ward, Jon Lawinger, Rhonda Preston, Beverly Allen, Holly Preston, Kim Terhune, Jaime Oram, and Samantha Oram. The Gilman city board will offer a contract to Tony Gregg for high school physical education.

The Gilman City R-4 board amended policy regarding certificated employees who for any reason intend to retire or resign at the end of the current school year to indicate their plans in writing as early as possible but no later than June 1st. It is the practice of the administration to recommend certificated employees who request to resign in June or July be released from their contracts when there’s a “good cause” as determined by the board. Penalties were amended for late notification of resignation.

Summer school was approved for two weeks running from May 16th through May 27thThe current school calendar was amended to make April 27, a half-day.


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