GEC Foundation awards grants to area schools

The trustees of GEC Community Foundation have awarded grants to area schools through a “round-up” program on utility bills, with combined, the grants totaling nearly $9,300.

Grant recipients were Trenton Middle School, Grundy R-5 Elementary at Humphreys, Laredo R-7, Spickard, Gilman City, Cainsville, Ridgeway, South Harrison Elementary at Bethany, North Daviess at Coffey, Princeton, North Mercer and Wayne Community Elementary School at Corydon.

The foundation, which is operated on a volunteer basis, is funded through the operation round-up program, allows customers of Grundy Electric Cooperative and Grundy County Public Water Supply District to voluntarily “round up” their utility bills to the next even dollar amount. The donations average around six dollars a year. The water supply district contributions are distributed solely to projects in Grundy County.

The deadline to apply for the next round of grants is January 2, 2017, with application forms are available online at Grundy Electric’s website or by telephoning Grundy Electric Cooperative in Trenton.

Since 2005, the GEC Community Foundation has awarded 517 grants totaling nearly $323,000 to schools and community organizations in the areas of education, health, and rural development.

The funds are available to entities in Grundy Electric Cooperative’s 12 county service area.