Galt Board of Aldermen review water system project updates

Galt, Missouri
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The Galt Board of Aldermen convened on December 13 for a meeting to discuss various city projects. City Clerk Mercedes Scobee presented updates in the absence of Joshua Stewart from Benton and Associates, who was unable to attend.

The meeting focused on updates concerning water system improvements. Scobee informed the board that in-field verifications for the project have been finalized. Currently, efforts are underway to finalize the design and improvement plans for the pump station.

The board discussed the bidding process for the water system improvements, which will be divided into two separate contracts. One contract will address the construction of a new water tower, while the second will cover the installation of water mains, valves, and hydrants.

Additionally, steps are being taken to initiate property documentation for both the water tower site and another resident’s property. This documentation will include work within the city’s right of way in Galt.

The board also received an update on the progress of environmental clearances necessary for the water system project.

Lastly, the meeting addressed the ongoing lead service line inventory. Scobee mentioned that 120 Water is continuing its research to identify and eliminate any problematic service connections. This research is expected to intensify during the spring and summer of 2024, aiding the city in completing the inventory before the October deadline.

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