Galt Board of Aldermen approve ordinances, revise utility disconnection policy

Galt, Missouri
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The Galt Board of Aldermen on February 16th approved ordinances involving utilities and the maintenance employee. City Clerk Ashley Bonnett reported the ordinances were related to Galt selling its electric system to the Grundy Electric Cooperative last year.

The utility disconnection policy was revised, and the water reconnection fee is now $75. The reconnection fee previously was $110.

The utility deposit amount was also revised. The water and sewer deposit fee for new customers is now $100 for owners and $200 for renters. The deposit fee used to be $170 for owners and $370 for renters.

The maintenance employee’s pay increased from $17 per hour to $18 per hour. Hours were reduced from 40 per week to 32 per week.

The annual city clerk’s evaluation took place, and pay was increased by three percent. The new rate is $1,092.73 per month salary for the part-time job.

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