Gallatin Theater League to perform “Once Upon a Mattress”

Once Upon a Mattress News Graphic
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The Gallatin Theater League is set to entertain audiences with its 2024 spring production, the family-friendly musical comedy “Once Upon A Mattress.” The performances are scheduled for March 14-16, 2024, at 7 PM, taking place at the Courter Theatre in Gallatin, MO.

Based on the beloved fairytale “The Princess and the Pea,” “Once Upon A Mattress” offers a humorous twist on the classic story. As described by Concord Theatricals, the narrative unfolds in a distant realm where Queen Aggravain has decreed that no marriage shall occur until her son, Prince Dauntless, finds a suitable bride. Despite numerous princesses attempting to win the prince’s heart, all fail due to the queen’s impossible challenges. However, the arrival of Winnifred the Woebegone, a princess from the swamp, brings unexpected developments. With a mix of comedic and romantic songs, the musical navigates Winnifred’s efforts to pass the Sensitivity Test, her quest for love, and the intertwined fates of Lady Larkin and Sir Harry.

The limited run of “Once Upon A Mattress” signifies the urgency for theatergoers to secure their tickets as there are a limited number of seats for each performance. Advanced tickets can be purchased for $10 at Eileine’s Beauty Shop in Gallatin, MO, by calling 660-663-2160. A limited number of tickets are available online at the Gallatin Theater League’s website


Gallatin THeater League Once Upon a Mattress cast
Front row left to right- Emily Smith Cornett, Jody Burnett, Tonya Sloan, Lance Rains, Erin Stith, Taylor and Walker Cornett, Ashley Ishmael, Barbara Wilson
Second row-left to Rt. Chris Plant, Paul Caven, Doug Nichols, Megan Barnard, Phil Barnard, Rhonda Malo, Emily Miller, Ira Sloan, Elizabeth Plotner, Troy Smith, Jackie Nichols
Third-row balcony- Wendy Riches, Lana Belshe, Bobbie Sink, PJ Burnett

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