Gallatin Police Department one of many topics discussed at lengthy meeting of Gallatin Board of Aldermen

Gallatin City Hall

The Gallatin Police Department was discussed at the Gallatin Board of Aldermen meeting on October 11th. A contract with the Daviess County Sheriff’s Office was tabled.

Two police officers asked to purchase service firearms from the city if it entered into a contractual agreement for policing with the county. The board also tabled that matter.

Gallatin Police Chief Mark Richards discussed how officers in years past had purchased their weapons through the city. The city had to own the guns for at least a year before the officers would be able to “own” them. They would take a payment from their paychecks to use towards the purchase of the weapon.

Police Officer Austin Bonnett asked Richards if Bonnett could continue to be chaplain at board meetings if the city contracts policing. The board would be happy if Bonnett continued his work as a chaplain.

Board Member Steve Evans shared some comments received from Nita Cragg. Cragg told Evans the police department had helped her with issues at her home, and she was grateful. She hoped that if Gallatin went into a contractual agreement with the Daviess County Sheriff’s Office for policing that those services would still be in place.

The board’s understanding is that the sheriff’s office would continue to provide those services.

The board also tabled an ordinance that would amend city code relating to utilities involving deposits and joint liability for a bill. It was tabled until more information from the advanced metering infrastructure system was obtained.

Representatives from Northcutt Properties commented they disagreed with the ordinance. They did not feel they should be cosigners on a utility bill or application with a renter because they are afraid they will end up with the delinquent bills more often than not.

There was discussion on the actual amounts of delinquencies of three of the apartment complexes. The board took the concerns in advisement.

An ordinance was approved that amends a section of city code relating to expenses and responsibilities for electrical installation. City Administrator Lance Rains reports it amends the ordinance that if a property owner damages the pole, line, or meter that they are responsible to pay for repairs and materials.

It is like the water/sewer ordinance the board approved last month. The difference is that state law separates the water/sewer from the electric utility in name.

The election and swearing in for new City Clerk Crystal Dorrel were tabled until the next meeting. Her official start date was October 12th. The addition of Dorrel to signature cards was also tabled until the next meeting.

There was discussion of a construction issue with Jeremy Dungy. A contractor hit an underground electric line while working on the property. The line was damaged enough that a new line had to be installed underground by a private contractor.

Gallatin staff flagged the area, and the contractor admitted he continued to work after his crew knew the line had been damaged. Gallatin had not received an invoice for the electrical repair work, and the issue was tabled until the city had the repair cost.

The board approved a change order to extend the clarifier contract with Irvinbilt to December 31st.

Evans distributed his letter of resignation, effective November 1st. His letter said he felt that a new set of eyes, enthusiasm, and a different perspective were needed to keep things fresh. He hopes Gallatin can develop an active business group to promote the city for beautification, residential growth, and business diversification of needed services. Evans also hopes manufacturing can become more active in Gallatin.

The board told Rains he can contact the Park Board to get roof repairs on the park bathroom completed. The estimated cost is $379.80.

Rains will contact Ira Sloan to see if the Park Board wants to take care of contacting contractors.

Rains reported the AMI Grant was administratively closed by the Community Development Block Grant. The city will await the final audit to be fully closed.

Public Works Director Mark Morey reported the second round of the chip and seal project was done. Some of the streets in the second round were Shona, Gina, David, and East Richardson.

Gallatin had some problems with the washed chips that were purchased, but Morey negotiated a better price for the additional washed chips.

Morey said there was a water main break at Van Buren and Clay two weeks ago. It was repaired immediately after the leak was found.

The board entered into a closed session for employees and legal actions.

Jennifer Thies

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