Gallatin Board of Aldermen vote to move forward with Mid-States for installation of fiber optic cable

Gallatin City Hall

The Gallatin Board of Aldermen voted Monday evening to move forward with negotiations and drafting of a contract with Mid-States Services, LLC for fiber installation and rental of electrical poles within the City of Gallatin.

Mid-States proposed using Gallatin’s electrical system poles to install the fiber throughout the city at an annual per electrical pole rental fee that has yet to be set. Mid-States also agreed to remove an old cable system still attached to the city’s electrical poles.

While reviewing contracts last week, Administrator Lance Rains discovered Farmers Electric is required to pay the city five percent of all-electric utility sales within the industrial park. He is working with Farmers Electric and its legal department to provide necessary documents to begin receiving the monthly payment for the utilities. There is discussion on the back payment for the five percent.

Rains announced the Missouri Public Utility Alliance clarified that a seven percent utility cost decrease for the city is a result of reducing debt in the alliance’s finance portfolio.

Rains is working with the United States Department of Agriculture to complete a loan application to purchase a new vacuum trailer for about $50,000. The Friends of Gallatin plans to purchase the trailer, and it will be leased to the city for a monthly amount that has yet to be determined.

The board voted to purchase a “City of Gallatin Welcomes You” banner to be displayed at the upper baseball field at Dockery Park. City Clerk Hattie Rains says the three by eight-foot banner would cost $200 initially. It would be displayed during the baseball season, and it would cost a smaller fee to renew the display of the banner in the future.

Administrator Rains provided spreadsheets outlining debt details and terms for the city and a spreadsheet stating current contracts and expiration dates. He also announced applications must be submitted by Friday (February 28th) for the water plant operator position opening and by March 9th for the city hall secretary position opening.

The board agreed to donate four individual season passes for the City of Gallatin Municipal Pool for the 2020 season to be awarded at the Piccadilly Event March 20th. City Clerk Rains says the Friends of Gallatin Ladies Night Auction and Gala will be at the Spillman Event Center of Jamesport. It will include cocktails, a dinner, and an auction.

Public Works Director Mark Morey reported Ross Construction has been on-site at the water plant repairing the clarifier by patching the seam and adding spacers. The new tracks have been installed on the skid loader. The annual inventory is almost complete for the 2019 audit.

Police Chief Mark Richards reported the annual Missouri Intergovernmental Risk Management Association evaluation went well, and no issues were found. He has been working on year-end information and reports for 2019. The police department is required to submit information to the state, including traffic stops made, reports taken, and officer training.

No announcements were made from a closed session to consider employee matters.