Gallatin Board of Aldermen to award prizes in city-wide lighting contest

Daviess County Courthouse

The city of Gallatin has received a plaque and a grant of slightly over $9,000 from the Mirma Self Insurance pool.

The money is to be used to purchase a car camera and surveillance equipment for the police department, and for an electric crimper and gas detector for the utility department.

The Gallatin electric department is test driving a demonstration bucket truck through Altec.  A similar truck with four wheel drive has been priced at $99,000.

Gallatin Board of Alderman members wants to encourage more participation in a city-wide holiday lighting contest. The aldermen agreed to award a $75.00 electric credit to the first place commercial participant and the first place residential participant. The city of Gallatin said providing the money is to encourage participation and promote economic development in the community.

The Gallatin Police Department is again handling the Toys for Tots program. Forms are available at city hall.

Police Chief Mark Richards said he was searching for Christmas trees to purchase for Christmas on the Square.

The board briefly discussed the budget for next year.

A special meeting is Thursday, November 17 for a more in-depth discussion regarding the budget.