Gallatin Board of Aldermen notified of fiber optic cable installation by Grundy Electric

Gallatin City Hall

The Gallatin Board of Aldermen approved an ordinance Monday, August 24th regarding an update to an interfund transfer ordinance. City Administrator Lance Rains reported the update was needed because the United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development wanted some of the wording changed. The update involved a few minor changes, including adding that the city would not take the interfund transfer away if it could not afford it and also deleting a sentence because the USDA did not like the definition. Another ordinance was repealed because of the changes.

Grundy Electric has notified Rains the cooperative is moving forward with installation of fiber throughout Gallatin. The plan is to move aerial crews to the city in the next month to start dropping the cable lines and placing the fiber in its place. Grundy Electric requested use of a small plot to hold a six by six building to store equipment. The board agreed to establish a rental agreement for placing the building on city property. Rains is to work through the details with Grundy Electric.

The board agreed for Public Works Director Mark Morey to place a bid on an online auction for a rubber chip and seal roller.

Morey led a discussion on the need for an advanced metering infrastructure metering system in the future. He said the system would reduce service calls and rereads and allow the city to bill customers more accurately to align with the Missouri Public Utility Alliance’s new method of billing, which will start in June 2021.

Police Chief Mark Richards led a discussion on purchasing a used 2014 Explorer equipped with emergency equipment at a reasonable price. The department is unable to find a part for the Impala police vehicle.

Rains is working with engineers regarding the clarifier replacement project. He reported he has the request for quotations from an engineering firm to review the 2400 electric system upgrade.

Crews will trim tree limbs until winter in street right of way to help tall vehicles and buses that use city streets. Residents who know they have a tree that needs to be trimmed, and they would rather trim it themselves, should do it before crews arrive in their area.

Rains provided a vehicle repair bill from a resident who claims the repairs were caused by a pothole on West Grand. The resident requested the board pay for the repairs to the vehicle. The board denied the request for reimbursement for the repairs.

Rains led a discussion on an opportunity to renew the copier contract with Marco. He is to check on the details of the service agreement and calculate if Gallatin should be charged per copy or opt for a monthly allowance.

The city hall and police department have been sealed, and Critter Control installed an exit pipe for bats. The pipe will remain installed for two weeks to allow the bats to safely escape. The hole will be sealed once the pipe is removed.

The board agreed to meet the evening of September 14th at 5:30 to continue discussion on the water supply contract with Daviess County Public Water Supply District Number 2.