Gallatin Board of Aldermen lessen restrictions on open burning

Daviess County Courthouse

The Gallatin Board of Aldermen at its meeting Monday evening approved proposed changes to an ordinance regarding open burning within the city.

City Administrator Tony Stonecypher reports the ordinance lessened the restrictions on open burning.  He said the open burning of leaves and brush will be allowed with a permit, and recreational fires will not need a permit. Stonecypher noted open burning will be allowed from 8 o’clock in the morning to 10 o’clock at night year-round. The changes take effect immediately.

The board accepted a 2018 Street Project bid from Herzog Contracting Corporation of $126,750 for construction on Willow Street which was the lowest of three bids. Keller Construction ($154,350) and Musselman and Hall Contractors ($165,600) also submitted bids.

Public Works Director Mark Morey reported South Prospect south of Highway 13 was milled, and gravel was added. He plans to blade the street and possibly run the roller over it.

Morey reported the new water plant has run for two weeks, but it is currently only removing iron. He said crews are waiting for water testing to come back before they start softening the water. The crews will use a gradual process as to not shock the distribution system. Morey reported crews are working on a few problems with the high-pressure pumps at the new water plant. He said crews worked to repair a water leak on West Grand Friday morning, which caused the water tower to drain in one hour. He noted crews replaced a 10-foot section of an eight-inch line that was not bedded correctly, cracked, and caused the 200,000-gallon leak.

The board approved Morey traveling and inspecting another chipper listed on the Purple Wave Auction. Morey said he is waiting on steel roof bids for the power plant.

Zack Brewer was hired as a seasonal employee to mow for the city. The board tabled discussion on ordinances regarding grave marking and raising chickens within the city limits. Administrator Tony Stonecypher presented the proposed right of way changes at the Gallatin Industrial Park. The board requested Stonecypher discuss other possible options for maintenance at the industrial park with Steve McBee.

Police Chief Mark Richards reported he has worked with several property owners regarding properties with code violations. He said several buildings have been taken down in the past two weeks. Streets where buildings have been taken down include North Clay, South Willow, South Daviess, and West Johnson.

Richards said the Gallatin Police Department presented two classes on surviving an active shooter incident at the Daviess County Nursing and Rehab Center and participated in a docudrama at the Gallatin High School in the past two weeks.

He also submitted a report on police department activity for the past three weeks, which included four reports of theft and four peace disturbances.