Gallatin Board of Aldermen hold discussion on three engineering proposals

Gallatin City Hall

The Gallatin Board of Aldermen this week discussed three engineering proposals the City of Gallatin received for sewer plant clarifier repairs or replacement.

Administrator Lance Rains has worked with all three firms in the past and was to schedule interviews with them. Aldermen Steve Evans and Dan Lockridge volunteered to attend the interviews.

The city did not receive any power plant roof repair bids. Rains was to follow up with the contractors who previously contacted the City of Gallatin inquiring about the project.

The board agreed to order salt, sand, and calcium this year to be prepared for an early winter. Public Works Director Mark Morey will provide snowplow quotes to the board at the next meeting.

The board recommended an additional meeting to discuss the 2020 budget. Rains will provide dates for the board to consider.

There was a discussion on a residential request to install a prebuilt tiny home to be permanently constructed on a foundation. The board had no issue with the request.

Daviess County Public Water Supply District Number 2 had not responded to a proposed rate increase. Rains was to contact lawyer Robert Cowherd on how to proceed. Morey reported the water department attempted to locate a water leak south of the school last week, but crews were not successful, even after “chasing” it for 40 feet. Morey was to contact a leak detection crew to help locate the leak. Crews have also worked to replace several water meter pits.

The street department was waiting on a strainer basket to finish repairs to the oil distributor. The chip/seal street projects are now dependent on weather.

Herzog will not put in a hot mix plant in Gallatin this year. The city had an opportunity to have Herzog resurface Van Buren, but the cost would increase by $12 per ton due to the material being trucked out of Elwood. The approximate total cost of the project would be $110,000. The board decided to wait until next year for any resurfacing projects.

The electric crew installed the emergency management generator for the police department in the city hall. Morey explained the generator will run everything in the police department, including the heat.

Lockridge requested additional information for the Missouri Intergovernmental Risk Management Association’s health insurance plan.

Evans led a discussion on the Local Government Employees Retirement System opportunity and stated his concerns.

No announcement was made from a closed session.