Gallatin Board of Aldermen greenlight proposal for roofing on firehouse

Gallatin City Hall

On October 23, the Gallatin Board of Aldermen greenlit a proposal from contractor Jacob Troyer, who offered a metal roofing solution for the firehouse at a cost of $18,261, edging out bids from two other enterprises.

In preparation for the 2024 fiscal agenda, City Administrator Lance Rains introduced discussions on the bar screen venture and an elevated pathway at Lime Storage. He requested the board’s endorsement to initiate the quotation process. With consensus, the board confirmed its intention to advance on these fronts.

While tree-trimming proposals were put on hold, the community faced significant infrastructure challenges. A substantial water rupture occurred on October 19, necessitating ongoing evaluations and diagnostics.

In other municipal developments, the wastewater facility maintains operational standards, with People Service dispersing grey water over local pasture lands. To sustain these efforts, Sewer Supervisor Eric Kloepping engaged with multiple companies to explore potential maintenance accords.

The Missouri Public Utility Alliance is on track to finalize the 2400 conversion by November 1. This initiative, heralded as a triumph, is projected to wrap up within financial estimates.

Separately, electrical personnel conducted assessments of various municipal poles, identifying several requiring realignment.

The city’s administration is in the process of securing tree trimming services, ensuring compliance with its established bidding procedures – a consistent annual practice.

On the urban maintenance side, Vance Brothers has concluded its tasks on South Olive, the upper segment of South Prospect, and Westwood, although work on crack mitigation persists throughout the city.

Officials identified and are addressing a billing irregularity in collaboration with Union Township, promising swift rectification.

Regarding roadway upkeep, the city anticipates Liberty Township’s decision to acquire a mixture to rehabilitate the potholes plaguing West Grand, beyond Gallatin’s jurisdiction.

In community efforts, Main Street Gallatin, bolstered by local volunteers, accumulated sufficient resources to provide a dumpster for the Gallatin Citywide Cleanup. Concurrently, the Friends of Gallatin Downtown celebrated reaching their financial target to preserve the historic Cupola Building.

Adding to the city’s social calendar, residents and visitors alike can look forward to the “Scare on the Square” event, set to animate the heart of Gallatin on October 28.

The session concluded with the board receding into a closed session to deliberate on matters concerning municipal employees.