Gallatin Board of Aldermen discuss service fee for utilities; hear request for dog breed exception

Gallatin City Hall

The Gallatin Board of Aldermen this week discussed setting a cost of service fee for electricity, water, and sewer for apartments and commercial buildings that are currently single-metered properties but have multiple apartments and/or businesses utilizing services. Howard Bailey II and Scott Crose shared concerns with the additional cost of service fees for businesses at 402 North Main.

During a public comment period, Heather Haynes-Berry requested the board grant a dog breed exception for her non-aggressive pit bull mix dog. The board agreed to reevaluate the dog ordinance for aggressive breeds and provider her with a response to her request.

Public Works Director Mark Morey reported bricks are being reconstructed on the back of the power plant and the water storage building behind the power plant. He recommended the board budget for a new roof for the water storage building in 2021.

The board is to discuss resurfacing West Grand for the 2021 budget.

Morey also requested the board consider buying a used fire truck at scrap value from the Gallatin Fire Protection District to be used for flushing tubes or dust control on streets. The board had no objection to the purchase.

Morey reported Steve McBee has completed straightening Industrial Park Road. McBee tore out the old road and used the base to build up the new road.  The street crew is working on patching potholes.

Administrator Lance Rains directly solicited a request for qualifications to several firms to evaluate Gallatin’s electric system replacement.  He announced Rapid Removal will not have a fall bulk clean up due to COVID-19. The board is not interested in manning a dumpster for bulk item collection at this time.

Police Chief Mark Richards submitted an activity report, which included three suspicious persons or circumstances, three alarms, two traffic accidents with damage, two dogs at large, and two welfare checks. There were no dogs in the pound.

John Hickman with the HIC Agency provided a packet to board members for an employee health insurance program to consider for 2021.