Gallatin Board of Aldermen deal with a multitude of issues at latest meeting

Daviess County Courthouse
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The Gallatin Board of Aldermen approved a request regarding water and electric services at a meeting Monday evening.

Steve Holcomb is planning on building a house on the south side of town and requested the city provide water services and release electric services to Farmer’s Electric. The board approved the City of Gallatin allowing Farmer’s Electric to serve the southernmost property within the city limits adjacent to Highway 13.

The board also approved a proposed assessment of Well Number 1 from Utility Service Company, Incorporated for $9,800. The proposal provided by Public Works Director Mark Morey includes cleaning and testing Well Number 1, which is located on the north side of Highway 6. The test will determine if the well can still be used as well as the water quality coming from the well.

Morey reported water operators have been busy with the new water plant noting they experienced problems with the clarifiers plugging up and getting the lime sludge to settle back out after the clarifiers are unplugged. There are no problems with the finish water quality, however, the clarifier at the wastewater plant is getting worked on.

LED lights have been installed in the wastewater plant lab and electric crews have been busy replacing poles and trimming trees. An invoice for Snyder and Associates for $11,779.18 was accepted.

Police Chief Mark Richards led a discussion on hiring a full-time police officer, which would include a benefits package and the board agreed. Richards also submitted a report on activity which included three instances of agency assistance, two for assault, and two for animal control.

Board President Jeremy Dungy provided an update on the list of approved upgrades to the park. The upgrades include a new ballfield fence, bathroom remodel, and pond dredging.

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