Gallatin Board of Aldermen approves tree trimming work near GHS, continues street projects

Daviess County Courthouse

The Gallatin Board of Aldermen has approved the only bid received for trimming and/or removing overgrown trees along a circuit that feeds electricity to the school.  The bid from Sinkhorn Tree Service was $19,500.

Crews have been putting in manhole risers for the summer paving of Clay Street.  Keller Construction has been hired for that project. Members of the Gallatin Board report that the resurfacing of East and West Mill Street, done by the Hertzog firm, has resulted in “several compliments”.

Discussion on the use of sales tax monies to complete another resurfacing project while Hertzog has a plant in Gallatin has taken place.  The decision was made to do two large street projects in 2017, as well as the sealing of Olive and Richardson Streets.  Public Works Director Mark Morey said he would like to purchase hot mix from Hertzog and “patch a few places on Willow Street” this summer.

Gallatin has received a bid from People’s Service to maintain the lift stations and collection system at an estimated cost of $60,000.  The board has discussed the issue, but did not make a decision at this week’s meeting.

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