Gallatin Board of Aldermen approve final payment on new water plant

Gallatin City Hall

The Gallatin Board of Aldermen this week approved payment of the final outstanding invoice for the new water plant. The invoice was for $15,000 to Ross Construction.

Authorization was approved for Mayor Barbara Ballew to sign the release agreement between the City of Gallatin and Snyder and Associates regarding the city’s water treatment plant.  The board agreed to have the water plant sludge lines completed by the city’s current employees. A purchase of a tig welder was also agreed upon to complete the repairs.  Prior to the regular meeting, the board met at the new water plant for a tour. There was also a discussion of problems with the aerator and lime sludge pipelines.

Toth and Associates are to have an electric rate study draft completed this week. The draft will go through a few reviews before being submitted to the board. The board agreed to set a special meeting to review and discuss the recommended electric rate changes for customers. The 2400 electric system upgrade engineering evaluation is nearing completion and will be presented to the board once it is complete.  The install of the base station for the advanced metering infrastructure system was to be done by April 28th.

Administrator Lance Rains led an electric department summary and analysis discussion. The board requested the availability of the billing software to export February 2021 electric rate usage to be used to calculate a percentage usage by the customer. The information will help the board decide the best option to recoup the Missouri Public Utility Alliance February invoice, which Rains reported was high due to the extremely cold temperatures across the country.

MPUA extended a credit of $179,717.81 for the excess billing and extended the payback period of 24 months. The city is currently paying $7,627.37 in excess each month for the repayment of credit. The board is reviewing options on the best approach to help collect additional funding to offset the credit repayment to MPUA.

The board reviewed two letters by a customer to remove utilities associated with a multi-purpose commercial building. The billing was left as it currently is.

Public Works Director Mark Morey received another road oil bid. The purchase was approved of one truckload of road oil from Vance Brothers for $2.15 per gallon. Coastal Energy had also submitted a bid for $2.28 per gallon.

An ordinance was approved authorizing the city to enter into a contract for mowing service at Dockery Park with Robert Sperry and Rodell Sperry. City Clerk Hattie Rains reports the cost is $640 per mowing.

The board agreed to have a new sign designed and placed at the city dump with the hours on the sign.

The board also approved the Friends of Gallatin/Daviess County Arts Council to place and fill flower pots around the square.

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