Gallatin Board of Aldermen approve bids for skid loader and roof repairs

Gallatin City Hall
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The Gallatin Board of Aldermen approved bids for a skid loader and roof repairs on February 14th.

The purchase of a Cat skid loader was approved from Foley Equipment for $88,951.15 with an extended warranty and delivery in one week. Three other bids were submitted and ranged in price from $61,000 to $74,538.62 for other types of skid loaders with delivery ranging from this month to eight to 12 months.

Ward Roofing and Construction’s bid was approved for roof repairs at the old fire station for $350. It was the lower of two bids submitted. The other bid, from Whitney Roofing and Guttering, LLC, was for $450.

The board approved an ordinance involving a sludge removal agreement with Midwest Injection Incorporated.

Authorization was given to the mayor to sign approving the City of Gallatin to file a complete application for the Missouri Main Street Program’s Community Empowerment Grant.

Administrator Lance Rains reported there is new interest in the Cupola Building. The board agreed to allow the interested party to tour the property.

Public Works Director Mark Morey reported a quote from Jackson Lawn to remove and reinstall the snowplow brackets from the 2007 Chevy to the 2022 F250 was $1,804.04. No decision was made on that matter.

Morey provided a copy of the notification from the Department of Natural Resources that the old water treatment plant is officially closed. No further action is required on the property.

He also provided a streetlight report. It outlined the number of each size of streetlight and the 2021 revenue and cost associated with the streetlights.

Rains announced the annual Missouri Intergovernmental Risk Management Association review is complete. Gallatin raised its score from last year.

He presented a magazine article featuring the Missouri Local Government Employees Retirement System pension and why it was created by the Missouri Municipal League.

Requirements for subdivisions were discussed. Attorney Robert Cowherd has reviewed the requirements.

Rains is working with other community members regarding the Health Betterment Grant for the City of Gallatin.

Police Chief Mark Richards provided an incident report list dated February 14th. It included four peace disturbances, two juvenile problems, and two lockouts. There were two dogs in the pound.

There was discussion on the possibility of changing the central dispatch for emergency services for the Gallatin Police Department.

No announcement was made from a closed session to discuss employees.

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