Gallatin Board of Aldermen approve bid for work at old water plant, address numerous agenda items at Monday meeting

Gallatin City Hall

The Gallatin Board of Aldermen approved a bid for cleaning out the old water plant backwash basin and an animal abatement permit request on September 27, 2021.

The bid for cleaning the backwash basin was from Red Rock for $25,000 and was the only one received.

The animal abatement permit request was from Matt Pottorff for the Daviess County County Club regarding nuisance geese. Gallatin Police Chief Mark Richards reported the police department had received a request from Pottorff about abating geese at the golf course by using a firearm. Richards said the board had to approve the request as it was against the city ordinance. The board had approved that type of abatement in the past involving animal nuisance problems.

The board agreed for Public Works Director Mark Morey to purchase a replacement aerator for the wastewater mix liquor basin. City Administrator Lance Rains expects to receive Federal Emergency Management grant funding at 75/25. The city is still in the application process, and nothing has been distributed yet.

Kelle Lawson with the MOB Squad Club requested approval to paint paw prints on city streets and parking spots throughout Gallatin. The MOB Squad is selling the paw prints for $50, and the proceeds will be used to support Gallatin R-5 sports teams. Businesses and individuals can purchase paw prints to be painted on their street, driveway, or sidewalk. The board had no problem with the MOB Squad painting the paw prints around town.

Discussion resumed on the LAGERS retirement program. The board is waiting on LAGERS to send updated calculations, which Rains expects to have on October 1.

Rains reported the Missouri Public Utility Alliance notified members the Illinois Legislation was approved, and a bill is expected to be signed shutting down coal plants by 2030, with the exception of two of Illinois’s newest plants. One of those plants is Prairie State, which is one of the plants in the pool generating electricity for the City of Gallatin. Rains noted Prairie State and the other coal plants must close by 2045, all with all-natural gas generation.

Rains said the Gallatin Community Visit for Downtown Improvement went well. He is to keep the board informed if a downtown improvement grant is approved.

Alderman Steve Evans led a discussion on downtown improvement ideas.

Rains had not received a response from Public Water Supply District Number 2 regarding the wholesale water rate change effective October 1st.

Morey reported crews have been working on Fuller Street installing a new water service. He said crews had some problems finding the line to hook onto, but they were able to complete the installation on September 27th.

Morey has one field that will be available to spread lime sludge on from the new water plant land. He is waiting on additional soil samples to come in.

Alderman Dan Lockridge requested trees be trimmed on South Prospect.

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