Gallatin Board of Alderman agree to straighten Industrial Park Road

Gallatin City Hall

The Gallatin Board of Aldermen this week accepted an offer to move and straighten Industrial Park Road.

The offer came from Steve McBee, and the city agreed to pay up to $2,500 for the cost of surveying. The road will have to be built back to a 20-foot width, manhole restrictions will have to be addressed, and the city will take full maintenance ownership once all requirements are met.

Public Works Director Mark Morey reported a water service line was hit during initial construction at Elm and Prospect, which serviced water to 710 East Elm Street. The water service has been temporarily established until crews can install a new two-inch water line along East Elm. Morey provided digging and boring price options to lay a new water line. The board accepted Brian Walker’s bid to bore the approximate 900-foot two-inch line at $3.00 per foot.

The street department has been building up and cleaning ditches for Forest Street. Morey noted crews are waiting for warmer temperatures to begin pothole repairs and chip/seal projects. The city was to go out for bid this week for summer resurfacing street projects.

The city officially went out for a bid for a new lawnmower and a new tilt bed trailer. The bids are due by the next board meeting, March 23rd.

Morey announced the warrant period ended on the water plant supervisory control and data acquisition. The annual support amount to renew services is 35 hundred dollars to MicroComm.

City Administrator Lance Rains announced the city received a 93 on its annual Missouri Intergovernmental Risk Management Association evaluation. The evaluation increased from the previous year’s score of 81. Rains plans to earn additional points in 2020 by holding quarterly safety meetings and requiring all lifeguards to complete the MIRMA approved training and certifications.

Rains was to be in contact with Calico Rock and coordinate with surrounding communities to hold a business presentation meeting. He has started drafting the trash service bid proposal, and he plans to publish it in the next few months.

Residents from the Jameson area shared concerns with 5G network coverage negatively affecting human health and nature.

Representatives with Grundy Electric and Mid-States Services told the board they are still interested in bringing fiber internet access to Gallatin residents and businesses. Further discussion on the matter was held in a closed session.

A closed session was held for legal actions, real estate, and employee matters.