Gallatin Aldermen approves new contract for city legal services

Gallatin Board of Aldermen news graphic
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The Gallatin Board of Aldermen approved an ordinance on June 24 to authorize a contract for prosecution and legal services with Annie Gibson.

City Clerk Crystal Dorrel reported that the contract would cover any municipal tickets issued, including nuisance violations and traffic tickets within city limits. Gibson will serve as the prosecuting attorney for all city violations. The contract will renew annually, with no additional charges as Gibson is already the county’s prosecuting attorney.

The board also discussed purchasing limits for city hall staff, approving a cap of $2,500.

In other discussions, the board addressed the Missouri Local Government Employee Retirement System, directing Dorrel to request a supplemental valuation from LAGERS for the Level 3 Plan.

The board reviewed certificate of deposit rates, with BTC Bank offering bids for six, nine, and 12-month CDs at 5%. Farmers Bank of Northern Missouri provided bids for a six-month CD at 4.99%, a nine-month CD at 4.8%, and a 12-month CD at 4.68%. The board decided not to invest in a new CD at this time.

Dorrel proposed purchasing new pennant flags for the Chautauqua event, noting that the flags bought several years ago were in poor condition and unusable last year. The mayor and board expressed a desire to continue the tradition of displaying pennant flags at Chautauqua.

Electric Supervisor Chris Plant reported on high-risk poles that need replacement and several transformers. The board requested more information on the total cost of the items.

Mayor Barbara Ballew provided an update on a new prospect for the Planning and Zoning Board. Dorrel will include the potential new members for approval at the next meeting.

Dorrel updated the board on the water line project, noting that some easements might still be needed. Ben Heins from Allstate Consultants met with staff on June 24 to discuss the easement process.

Dorrel presented the 2023 Audit Report for the City of Gallatin, with Auditor John Gillium scheduled to attend a future meeting for questions.

She also discussed recommendations from the Missouri Intergovernmental Risk Management Association, stating that the minor suggestions have been implemented.

An update was provided on the BTC Center Grant for the Friends of Gallatin Downtown.

The water staff has been working on lead survey paperwork for H2O Solutions, coordinating with the engineer on the water line project, and checking and changing out meters.

The wastewater staff is continuing work on the bar screen project, with pre-bid and bid opening meetings scheduled for late July and early August.

Electric staff hung flags at city hall, worked with MPUA on a list of poles needing replacement, and trimmed trees away from lines in several areas of town.

Street staff continued mowing city property and filling potholes around town. They met with contractors about street projects, with Vance Brothers delivering rock and equipment for a chip seal project expected to start soon.


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