Friday evening crash at 9th and Rural streets in Trenton involves 2 vehicles and 9 people

Accident-Crash graphic

The Trenton Police Department reports one person was transported to the hospital after a pickup truck struck a car at Ninth and Rural streets Friday evening.

An ambulance transported car passenger 13-year-old Zackary Lawrence to Wright Memorial Hospital after he reportedly complained of knee pain. No injuries were reported for other car passengers, Joely Johnson, Dariana Sanchez, and Nicklas Lawrence, all 13-years-old, and 12-year-old Jorge Sanchez. 

There were no injuries reported for driver of the car, 44-year-old Rebecca Gamble, pickup driver 20-year-old Tiffany Taul, and pickup passengers 28-year-old Jennifer Kelley and one-year-old Timber Wolf.

All involved in the crash were from Trenton.

The pickup traveled south on Rural Street and allegedly stopped at a stop sign before making a left turn on to Ninth Street and striking the eastbound car. An investigator with the police department indicated Taul said she did not see the car, and a witness believed the setting sun might have affected Taul’s ability to see the vehicle. Gamble said Zackary Lawrence had prior knee problems and hit his knee during the accident.

All parties and witnesses told police that Zackary Lawrence exited the car immediately after the crash, ran about 150 feet to the truck, began “cussing out and yelling at the occupants,” returned to the car, and ran back to the truck a second time continuing to “yell and cuss at them.”  He and other occupants from the car crossed the road to walk to the North Central Missouri Fairgrounds, but a witness allegedly sent them back to the scene.

Zackary Lawrence was released from the hospital a short time later and proceeded to attend the fair.

There was damage to the front quarter panel and driver’s side door of the car and damage to the passenger’s side front bumper of the pickup. No citations were issued, and both vehicles were driven from the scene.

The parents of the remaining occupants of the car arrived on the scene, took custody, and left the scene.