Free skin cancer screenings to be offered in Trenton

Skin Cancer Screening

The Grundy County Health Department and Cleaver Dermatology are partnering to offer free skin cancer screenings to community members.

A physician will examine specific skin spots patients identify as concerns during the screenings at the health department at 1716 Lincoln Street in Trenton May 22nd from 11:30 to 3:30.

The health department reports skin spots that might constitute concern are those with asymmetrical shapes, irregular or poorly defined borders, varied colors, and diameters larger than a pencil eraser as well as those that evolve.

The Grundy County Health Department notes that only screening procedures will be done May 22nd, not full body exams which do not replace thorough dermatologic exams.

Call Kelli Hillerman at the health department to schedule an appointment at 359-4196 or email