Four from Milan injured in Sunday crash

Traffic Accident

Four people from Milan were injured Sunday afternoon in Sullivan County when, according to the highway patrol, a sports utility vehicle struck the rear of a pickup stopped in traffic on Highway 6 two miles west of Reger.

Taken to Sullivan County Memorial Hospital in Milan were the driver of the pickup, 68-year-old Donna Smith Elder, and passenger, 17-year-old Ryley Head.  Both were listed with minor injuries.  Also going to the hospital were the driver of a sports utility vehicle, 65-year-old Issac Molla Achenghe, and his passenger 59-year-old Mary Molla. The patrol listed injuries as minor for the driver and moderate for the passenger.

The report listed damages as moderate to the pickup and extensive for the SUV. Occupants of the SUV were using seatbelt while those in the pickup were not.